Friday, September 25, 2009

Google ranking is not depend on 1 webpage optimize only

GOOGLE, many of my friends talk about rankings, always thought that it is a single tab page optimization, in fact, this view is wrong.

I do GOOGLE ranking services, to do the work of the following steps:

Step One: Site Diagnostics, including:
Diagnosis of site structure: to see the suitability of the search engine used to;
Web page diagnosis: to see whether the rational layout and handle it properly;
Site File Name diagnostic: to see whether the file name of the irrational;
Web site marketing based on the diagnosis: look at its current use and promotion of the network is reasonable.

Step Two: website based on traffic analysis:
Installation of traffic statistics
Sec flow analysis,
Analysis of geographical distribution,

Step Three: Web site optimization:
Website structural optimization: the rationalization of the structure of your website to suit search engine habits
Web Page Optimization: Key layout, graphic processing.
Web site optimization to connect: to connect so that the overall systematic Web site, on the one hand contribute to the search engine search, combined with user habits on the one hand, and guide users to view the content of sites to facilitate the final transaction of business.
Site Tags Optimization: Website Tags design, optimization.
The fourth step: GOOGLE ranking other strategies:
Manufacturing flow: GOOGLE rankings or traffic key ah, this process we will use many methods of network marketing.

To create external connections: The Link, article promotion, posting a variety of ways to increase publicity and so on where to connect an external site.
Other … …

GOOGLE Web site to re-do a good ranking, we should first do their own good, to promote good, to achieve better rankings. Therefore, GOOGLE the site to stand on top of an integrated marketing point of view, and then do it. In order to achieve the desired effect.
If you rely on a single tag optimization, as well as the means to achieve GOOGLE ranking cheating test results, it is very childish ridiculous.

After all, GOOGLE, or in order to promote the Web site ranking. In that case, a comprehensive Web site to promote good, you can get a better google ranking is a reasonable thing.


SEO Optimization October 10, 2011 at 1:42 AM  

Thank you so much for this information. I had no idea how to do this before.

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