Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mass PR Checker

Some one in forum ask us that he need aplication for Mass PR Check


Is there any tools out there to get the PR of a list of urls. I know Ill need to use multiple proxies to achieve that because Google bans your IP after x nbr of request (Does anyone know the exact numbers here?)

I have tried SEOQuake but after checking a few hundred of urls, the PR checker stopped working.

I also did a quick search through BHW but I cant seem to find anything valuable.


And this is the answer :

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Method For Getting Unique Content From Spun Articles

Hey Guys,

I'm gonna give you all a method for getting unique content on your blogs that works and is 100% complete from start to finish. The concept of what I'm about to tell you is nothing new to BHW but the tools I use may not be familiar to some of you.

The method I use for getting content involves article grabbing, translating the articles several times, and then checking the dupe content level before I post it.

The reason I wrote this thread is because I see a lot of people on here wanting to use some translator bots and stuff that BHW members have made and then yanked or else the software has glitches and other problems and the method I've found works flawlessly so I thought I would share.

Now before we get started, this method is not for autobloggers cause you wil spend a few minutes getting your articles ready to post, but if you've got a few minutes to spin a few articles you'll have lots of content for your blogs.

Okay here we go, these 3 tools are the tools you will need for the job:

The Everprofits Toolbar - I take no credit for having found this tool, Ken3401 is responsible for giving me this tool for getting my articles in the first place. Now all you haters are gonna say that the Everprofits toolbar no longer grabs articles using the content generator tool that comes with it, but while that was true for awhile, they've updated their toolbar and if you have the latest version of it, it grabs articles again without any problems. Much thanks to Ken3401 for a great tool recommendation.

You can G00gle 'Everprofits Toolbar' to get the download

The next tool you will need is the Lingoes translator, it's free and uses all the major translation services around the Internet including G00gle translator. It's a small app that you download and set up on your pc and it really translates articles super fast but you do have to feed the articles in for each pass of the translation, so about 2 minutes per article.

You can G00gle 'Lingoes translator' to get the download

The last tool you will need is a dupe content checker, and you can use whichever checker you want, but DupeFree Pro is free and works perfectly well for the job.

You can G00gle 'DupeFree Pro' to get the download

* Now before anyone goes asking, I'm not affiliated with these softwares in any way, they are just the tools I use for spinning articles cause they work very well, and I haven't posted enough to be able to give you the links so you have to go grab them yourselves.

Okay so here's what you do to spin articles:

First: Download all programs and install them

Second: Let's find an article to spin so open up Internet Explorer and click on the Content Generator in the Everprofits toolbar. Once you've opened the content generator, type in your keyword and press the search button and wait for a list of articles to show up. Once you've got your list, click on an article you want to use and it will populate in the rewriter screens below it. I don't use the rewriter feature of this toolbar because it turns the articles to dogfood so instead I highlight and copy out the content of the article (CTRL+C) and then I open up Lingoes.

Third: Once you've got Lingoes open maximize it so you can see all of the contents of the articles you will spin, then click on the Text Translation button right in the center of the window. Paste your article into the text box, use the G00gle translator and translate the article. I go English to Spanish, then I copy out the Spanish and if you right click in the text box it will highlight all the original text for you and you can just paste in the Spanish with one click. I do this again for Spanish to French, then French to German, then German back to English.

*The whole process up to this point from finding and grabbing the article to translating it is 2 minutes, for a noob who haven't used the software before it's like 4 it's pretty quick.

Now the last step is to copy out your article that is now in English and check it through DupeFree Pro, so open up DupreFree Pro and paste your spun article in one window, go back to your Everprofits toolbar content generator window and copy the original article again and paste it in the other DupeFree Pro window and click the big fat compare button.

I've had results in the 23% to 35% range, never higher and the spun article is human readable and quite good with one or two small grammar tweaks that need to be applied to the article. The whole process takes about 3 to 4 minutes and could be faster if you know what you're doing.

So there you go, that's the method, it works, but you do have to spend a few minutes grabbing and translating, but then you've got articles that when checked in Copyscape don't even come up.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mass Blog Pinger

Someone said that he looking for software for ping mass blog. So i try to search on all search engine and i found something new.

What's new ? that we can do mass pingger to many blog with just one click. There is what i said :

For Software that you can use manual on your PC :

More apreciate software you can see here SEO Secret


Backlink Verifier v1.0


We have all been there, you pay for a Backlinking Service and get a report with Thousands or URL’s. Let me guess, you manually check a random sample of 20 URL’s or so and leave it at that and assume you got what you paid for.

Perhaps you own a tool that blasts links, and need to verify how many exist on the sites you just blasted to?

Backlink Verifier will parse a list of URL's and tell you if your link is on the page.

* Note: This was a component built for ScrapeBox, and considering so many people own various tools that blast links are looking for tools to check to see how successful their blast was, check their Linkwheels or backlink packets are intact etc i decided to bundle this up and give it to everyone free.

How To Use:

Click “Load Websites” and select a .txt file with your Domain or Domains listed in it one per line.

Click “Load Blogs” and select a .txt file with a list of URL’s you want to check to see if they link to your domain or domains using the same format above, one URL per line.

Click “Start” and that’s it

Download :

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