Sunday, November 15, 2009

Keyword Combination of Secrets of Search Engine Optimization

Let's say you have a keyword combination. Anytime a person does a search on that keyword combination you want your website to pop up in the number one position. Here are steps that will help.
  • Place the keyword combination in your keyword metatag.
  • Place the keyword combination in your description metatag.
  • Next place the keywords in your title.
  • Place that exact string "secrets of search engine optimization" in the first paragraph of your page and make that string BOLD
  • Use that keyword combination again in the next paragraph. At least once.
  • You can skip a paragraph, but use it again once in the next two paragraphs.
  • Place an image on your page. The keywords should be in the alt tag.
  • Put some text referring to the image beside, above or below the image using the keyword.
  • After the image add at least 2 more paragraphs. Use your perfect keywords once in each paragraph.
  • In the last paragraph italicize the keywords.
  • Sprinkle headlines throughout the article with relevant keywords
  • Make sure the keywords are relevant to the scope of the article.
We follow this formula because of how the search engines look at your page. Most SEO experts say that metatags aren't used by the search engines anymore. But it takes nothing to add your keyword to the metatags. There might be some old style search engines still using the metatags. Don't miss the opportunity.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Where Do You Get Fresh New Content ?

Where do you get new content? That is a tough question that is not always easy to answer. I am in the computer industry where there is something new happening constantly. Just when I think I have a clue about what is going on in the industry, somebody creates a new product or Microsoft changes their operating system and I am back to square one, relearning everything.

Not every industry is like that, but most industries have something new happening that is worth telling their customers about. My daughter and her husband run a recording studio, Apocalypse Cow, in the Chicagoland area. They are constantly finding new things to put on their website. Where do they get the content?

There is always something new and fun happening at the recording studio. Who is in recording this month? Have they purchased new equipment to improve the studio? What kind of music is being played? How are the bands that they record doing on the music charts? Who is new in the studio? What are the bands that have recorded previously with Apocalypse Cow doing? Are they recording new music or reworking old favorites?

How can you relate that to your industry and market? Have you hired someone new to help your customers? Tell us about it. Have you purchased new equipment or new software that will enhance your ability to service your clients and users? Tell us about it. Have you done something to make industry news, tell us about it. Some people have pets or children doing interesting things. Tell us what is interesting and keep telling us every month.


Fresh Content - Number 1 Key to Internet Success

Are you looking for the Holy Grail of Internet success? Would you like to know what drives the web and causes some companies to fail and others to grow exponentially each year? Why does one site get visited once and nobody ever comes back and yet others continue to be visited over and over by the same people? This article will answer that question.

What sites do you visit on a regular basis? We all have been told about a really fantastic site, a must see, we go there once, maybe twice and never return. Why don't we go back? Easy answer, nothing has changed. The second time we went there it had the same material that was there the first time.

The internet is the place we go to get information. This is why this is called the information age. Back in the 1800's it could take a year before information was disseminated across the country. Today, information is exchanged in a fraction of that time. As a web business person you are responsible to provide accurate and timely information on a recurring basis.

Do you ever go to a website like Dilbert? Scott Adams has created a fortune with his comic strip character and has made it available on the internet. You can go there everyday and see Scott Adam's latest creation. Everyday it changes and everyday you get the opportunity to laugh again at the antics of the "pointy haired boss" and his team of characters. Now, would you keep going back if Scott Adams stopped writing his comic strip? Probably not. Because it is the newness of the information that you seek.

Granted he could repackage it in different ways so you would keep going back. But did you notice, he wouldn't be keeping it the same. It would appear to be fresh new content. That is the number one key to Internet success. Keep your website growing and hopping with fresh new content.


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