Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Website Submitter v2.2

Website Submitter

◊ As Web surfers rely more and more on search engines like Google and MSN, it has become more important than ever to make sure your site can be found in those search engines for relevant keyword phrases. To do that, you have to get your site indexed. But how can you make sure that you are listed? How can you make sure that one of your sites hasn’t been ignored?

◊ Website Submitter is the easiest semi-automated Web promotion tool. With our software you will never need to search for places to advertise again. Easily submit multiple websites to 3500 directories.

◊ The majority of website traffic comes from search engines. Some research shows that as much as 75% of traffic comes from them, and it is increasing at a very rapid rate. If your site is not ranked as a top site in the search engines it is obvious that you are going to lose traffic.

It can be a difficult and time-consuming process to rank higher in the search engines for your targeted keyword phrases. Unless you are an expert in the field of Search Engine Optimization, you may very well fail at competing with older, better-established, and better-optimized competitors.

Most of search engines rank your website based on keyword searches, contents of the page, the number of incoming and reciprocal links which your website has gotten from other relevant sites, and so on. Are you really prepared to learn about all of these optimization processes on your own?

Website Submitter helps with all aspects of search engine and directory submission, such as:

◊ Increasing search engine traffic to your site(s)
◊ Unlimited submissions for your site(s)
◊ Keeping a current list of search engines and directories available to you
◊ Increasing backlinks through directory submissions
◊ Saving you time and effort
◊ Increasing backlinks through directory submissions in regional directories: 360 French directories, 200 Spanish directories, 160 German directories and 470 Romanian directories

More people are using search engines than ever before. This makes them the primary portal for many of your visitors. If you aren't listed in these engines, Web users won't even know you exist. You can list your sites with all of the major directories and search engines easily with Website Submitter.

Search engine submission can be confusing, especially when you have a lot of sites to manage. Make sure that they are all listed by using Website Submitter. It makes listing all of your sites with search engines quick and easy.

The Web is a volatile landscape. As such, new search engines are appearing every day. Keeping track of the latest additions can be a monumental task to handle independently. With Website Submitter, you won't have to worry. Our software will always have the latest lists of search engines and directories.

One of the most important tools for increasing your ranking in search engines is backlinks. Website Submitter helps you gain these important links by automatically submitting you to Web directories as well as search engines. Each directory you are listed in provides you with a backlink.

To submit your own sites to every search engine and directory provided by Website Submitter would take you weeks of work. Now you can submit all of your sites in a matter of hours. Take your time back by automating the submission process, so you can increase your productivity in running your business and websites.
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Phantom Cloaker 2008 *Worth $159.95*

Phantom Cloaker Software:
Are you at war with the Search Engines? Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to fight a battle that you will never win? If you are at odds with the search engines chances are that's how you will remain. On today's challenging SEO (Search Engine Optimization) battlefield, it takes more than just a nice looking website to make you a heavy weight contender amongst the many webmasters fighting for a top 10 ranking position!

Phantom Cloaker Features:

Phantom Cloaker is now updated to version 2.4! Our cloaking software now supports international languages German, French, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian! Furthermore, flash redirection is enabled, updated new templates (4) total, and many major enhancements. Download the Free Demo Now!

Phantom Cloaker is intelligent and creates optimized Pages which appear to have been hand made and contain genuine content. Phantom Cloaker is unlike other content generation tools which simply dump all your keywords in one place and risk being recognized as spam by search engines.

Phantom Cloaker can include custom text or html that you want to appear on all the highly optimized pages. For instance, you can use this to insert a copyright message, banner ad, or a hit tracking script in every optimized page. You can also link to others sites you own to influence their page rank.

Phantom Cloaker can hide the fully optimized content from your visitors and show them your website or any url you specify. Advance Cloaking techniques insure your pages are indexed and are not exposed to others snooping around at your source codes.

Phantom Cloaker provides several html cleaning and formatting options which insure standards compliant and search engine friendly optimized html pages. Unlike other products you do not need to purchase $200.00 worth of add-ons to get your desired results quickly.

Phantom Cloaker uses several optimized templates to generate static pages. New and more optimized templates will be periodically available on this page which you can download and import into Phantom Cloaker.

But You Get it Free *_^


Friday, May 1, 2009

RSS to Blog V4.5

If you are looking for a really simple way to add new content to your website daily, without having to write a new article everyday ... you need a blog! Maybe you already have a blog but have not posted to it in a long while because of all the time it takes to write a post for each of your blogs. Updating a blog daily is the best way to organically grow your websites in the eyes of the search engines.

Features :

  • Automatically Post News Stories in Your Niche from RSS Feeds to your Blogs 24/7
  • Never Search For New Content For Your Blogs Again, Let Other People Write the Content. You Just Post it to Your Blog!
  • Big Adsense Checks Using Blogs! Earn Money using Blogs With Adsense and Affiliate Programs!
  • Write Your Own Content? Send Out Your Regular Blog Posts Even While You are on Vacation. Write your own content and "The blog post automator" will also send that to your blog on a schedule you determine!
  • Randomize the Sources That You Use For Your Blog Posts. Blogs naturally link to many other websites. Our software encourages natural linking by pulling the RSS feeds and content for your blogs from many different sources!
  • Open News Item Links in a New Window
  • Make Automatic Posts to Word Press Categories
  • Add Your Keywords to The Post Titles
  • Copy Entire Projects easily
  • Post to Many Blog Types. Compatible With Word Press 1.5.X, 2.X and up, Blogger Blogs, Movable Type, Type Pad, Live Journal and MSN Spaces.
  • One Time Installation for All Of Your Blogs!
  • Eliminate footprints that the search engines can use to track you down. Random Posting Times - Make posts at varying times to your blog.
  • Randomize the format of your blog posts using our unique template feature!
  • Randomize the format of your search and rss results so that they do not always look the same.
  • Add your own text example: Add "Read More" to the end of your search or RSS results instead of linking from the titles.
  • Post to multiple blogs from one project
  • Post to multiple wordpress categories from one project
  • MYSQL Database driven for stabiity and flexibilty
  • Support foreign characters from RSS and Text Pods sections
  • Autolinking with each post
  • Make your keyword bold automatically within each post
  • Randomize and Schedule your Posts
  • Filter RSS feeds for keywords
  • Create Unique Titles for your posts
  • Cross post multiple text files to the same blog
  • Loop posting from text pods
  • Categorize your projects
  • Post from within a time frame from RSS and News
  • Automatic Install for easy script setup and installation! (NO need to worry about script configuration to install RSS to Blog, Our software installs itself on your server, including automatic creation and population of the mysql database, permission changes and cron setup!)
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