Thursday, May 13, 2010

Duplicate Content Checker

UN.CO.VER protects your articles from content theft and copyright infringement. It also helps avoid duplicate content and the negative impact it can have on your SEO and page rank.
The desktop tool checks your text against millions of Web sites for duplicate content at the touch of a button. The results, which are shown by the percentage of words that match your article, can easily be exported.
UN.CO.VER can be used for a wide variety of sources

  • a single URL
  • manually-entered text (copy & paste)
  • an entire Web site, including domains and sub-domains
Check an entire Web project for duplicates automatically!
Our Unique Content Verifier has an integrated "crawl" function that creates a sitemap of your entire Internet project and its written contents. Then UN.CO.VER automatically compares each of these texts to millions of pages and reports back with a host of data, including the percentage of words copied and the exact words copied. The current version's autostart function offers you complete protection without lifting a finger. When Windows starts, so does UN.COV.ER, ensuring that your content is checked for duplicates every single day.
Oh, did we mention the best part of it all? UN.COV.ER is freeware and can be used and distributed as much as you like.
Version 2.0 Advantages::
  • Set your own standards on duplicates
  • Autostart-Manager for constant project proofing
  • Windows 7 Compatible
This is a direct download from a reputable site :

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stat Blaster 7.0

StatBlaster is a simple utility that logs your site onto statistics/whois websites, generating backlinks along the way. To use StatBlaster, simply place your links (one per line, marked with [URL] for the position of your website address) in a text file named urls.txt in the same folder as the program. You can start blasting by entering your website address (without "http://") in the text box, then going to File -> Start.

StatBlaster is a free utility that logs your site onto statistics/whois websites, generating backlinks along the way. To use StatBlaster:

  1. Add or import the addresses of the websites you want to promote into the "Your Websites" list.
  2. In the "Statistics Websites" box, enter the location of the file that contains the list of statistics websites you want to blast to. The websites should be separated by line and marked with [URL] for the location of your domain.
  3. Select the maximum number of threads you want to use. More threads can speed up site submission, but can also overwhelm less powerful computers.
  4. Click "Start".
If you are runnning Wine on Mac, Linux, or another Unix-like system, select "Wine Compatibility Mode" through the Options menu before starting.

The downloads section also includes a list of 3,477 already prepared URLs.

This version (7) of Statsblaster is infinitely faster than the original (1.0) which was the original post. It allows for hundreds of simultaneous connections (depending on your memory) and also provides an url list with 32,000 (!) target sites. As well, clear instructions appear in a message screen when the program first starts.

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