Friday, November 26, 2010

11 Things Every Successful Website Needs

So you've put together a spectacular website, and you're ready to go live on the Internet for the whole world to see. Not so fast there Bucky. In case you didn't know, there are a few essential requirements that every site needs to include in order to be successful.

Let's review, shall we:

1) Privacy Policy/Disclaimer: Now, I'm not a Lawyer and don't claim to be one, but these two documents should be standard issue for every site you have. People want to know how you're going to use their personal information, and a "privacy policy" does just that.

In today's litigious society you'll also need to include a disclaimer/terms of use page. This protects you and spells out to your visitors what they're agreeing to by using your website. If you don't know where to start in generating these documents, you'll find plenty of help online.

DMA Privacy Policy Generator
OECD Privacy Statement Generator
Google Adsense & other Ad Networks Privacy Policy Generator
Privacy Policy Generator
Free Site Disclaimer

This is not legal advice, and if you need help in this department, consult with a local attorney.

Search Engine Submission

2) Contact Us Information: I can't tell you how many sites I've been to that fail to include a way to contact the owner. If you can't include a phone number, at the very least have an email address or a "contact us" form. By providing this information, you'll make your visitors feel more comfortable knowing there's a way to reach you should the need arise.

If you need a form and don't know how to create your own, try one of these free form services.

Email Me

3) Search Box/Site Map: If your site is rather large, you'll also want to include a way to search, or have what is called a "site map". There are many ways to add a search function to your site, the easiest being to use Google's free service at-

or try PicoSearch.

A site map sounds technical, but it's just one web page that contains links to every page of your site, usually broken down by category. Here are some resources to help.


4) Google Analytics/Tracking System: Once your site is up and running you'll want to keep your eye on traffic.

Who's visiting your website, what pages are the most popular, where is the traffic coming from. All of these questions and more can be answered by using a good analytics program.

There are several ways to add a thorough tracking system to your site, but the easiest and one that won't cost you a dime is Google Analytics Once registered, you can add as many sites as you like all under one user ID and password. You'll be given some code to copy and paste on your pages. Simple, easy, and you're done.

5) Newsletter Sign Up/RSS Feed: There's an old saying that people won't buy from you the very first time they come to your website, so you need a way to stay in touch with them to bring them back again and again. By offering a newsletter, also known as an ezine, you'll be building a list of possible prospects which is invaluable to any site owner.

You'll find a multitude of free and low cost newsletter services online. It's up to you, depending on your needs and what you can afford. If you don't want to pay anything, my favorite free services are:

Yahoo Groups

You can also offer an RSS feed for your newsletter, or updates to your blog or site. This makes it easy for others to keep up with your most recent posts. The best service for this is...


6) Consistent Navigation: This might sound like a no brainer, but many folks get it wrong. No matter what type of menu system you decide upon, make sure it stays the same across the board on all pages of your site.

Your job is to guide your visitors through your website, making sure they always know where they are and how to get to where they need to go.

For more see:

Eye on Web
Web Page Mistakes

7) Search Engine Optimized Copy: At first glance you might not think this is so important, but trust me it is. You want your pages to rank well with the search engines and there are a few steps you can take to ensure this happens.

Each page of your website should be optimized for 2, or at the most 3 keywords/phrases. Weave the keywords into your titles and into the body of each page. You can also include them in your image titles, alt tags, even in the names you give your pages. Look at each page individually and decide what it's about, then optimize accordingly.

For help see:


8) Social Media Share Button: With the popularity of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, you'd be foolish not to include an easy way for your content to be shared with others.

You'll find many free services that will give you the code you need to instantly add a "share button" to your web pages so that visitors can instantly share them with their friends.

To generate your own buttons see:


9) Meta Tags: Some may tell you that meta tags are dead. Don't listen. Meta tags should be included in your HTML code at the top of every page. Many search engines will read them to pull a description to include in their search results.

Again, each page should be optimized separately and have a unique title, keywords, and description tags.

For help see:

AddMe Meta Tag Tool

Search Engine Submission

10) Copyright Notice: Sounds simple but forgotten by many. All pages should include a copyright notice. If you don't want to have to update it manually every year, find a simple Javascript that will automatically do it for you. You'll find one such script at:

Uncle Jims

11) Trust Seals/Testimonials: I grouped these two items together as they both instil trust and confidence in your visitors. Remember, when someone comes to your website, they don't know who you are and if you're selling something, they may not feel comfortable giving out their credit card information. To help them feel more "warm and fuzzy", include trust seals for any organizations you belong to:

For example:

Honest E Online

Also, if you have testimonials from happy customers, or ezine subscribers, weave them into your site copy. People always love to hear that others have had a happy experience with your products/services. Make sure you get permission first from the testimonial writers before placing them on your website.

So there you have it -my short list of what every site needs to succeed online. Now that you're armed with this information, get out the magnifying glasses and take a close look at your own website to see what may be missing.

It's not hard to create a website, but for one that stands out head and shoulders above the rest, you need to include these important elements. When you launch your next site you want it to be successful, not average. So what are you waiting for? You've got a lot of work to do, so get busy.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Keyword Snatcher 1.12

I don't want to much talk about Keyword Snatcher 1.2 so let you try it your selp :p

Download :


Monday, July 26, 2010

Google Hot Trends Researcher Bot Sotware

What it does:
1) It goes to hot trends and gets the most recent 20 trends.
2) It takes these keywords and then checks the "keyword" results in Google to check competition.
3) It then takes these keywords and checks for monthly search results, if any.
4) It saves this as a .txt file.

Let it run and type in captcha if needed when it goes to the Google Keyword tool to get some data. When it has finished, you'll see a file called hottrends.txt in your "My Documents" folder. The data inside is divided into the following:

Keyword | Google Search Results "keyword" | Adwords Traffic Results

Might help some people to find niches/keywords to target. Probably a few bugs/problems. I just slapped it up quickly.

Download :



Mass URL Shorteners

There are a list for URL Shortner

Download :

355 URL Shortner :


Or you can use this url : shortenurl. isgreat. org


Friday, July 23, 2010

Massive URL Pinger (With 3k+ links)

Already has more than 3k links but you can use your own and throw them in. (You will see the needed format in the .txt file).

This can run multithreaded and if you have a very fast internet connection and good computer you can run it at a high amount of threads and it will ping your link super fast. Else you will see a high amount of errors.

But if you have slower internet connection leave it to 1 thread.

I still strongly suggest leaving it to 1 thread if you want the program to be 100% effective.

A Screenshot of this baby:

Mediafire Download:


Thursday, July 8, 2010

The SEO Competition Killer Method

Caveat: I in no way condone the use of the following method for gaining an unfair advantage over your competition or causing their sites any undue hardship. I am vehemently and morally opposed to this method if it is actually put to use. The following method is intended as a satirical parody of what many people do wrong when first building a new website and should be read between the lines as a "what not to do with your own website". But in the spirit of this forum, it is written black hat style.
Having said this though, purely for testing purposes if anyone has a website that they are willing to 'donate' (read: sacrifice) to this test, plus anyone proficient in Xrumer, any volunteers would I'm sure be much appreciated by the BHW community at large to see how Big G is acting at the moment.

The SEO competition killer method

The premise of this method is that Google has recently started sandboxing and de-indexing websites with a lot more rigour in recent times. It was quite easy to gain high SERP rankings even as recently as a year ago, by blasting new sites with a ton of backlinks, sitting back and watching the climb. Recently, many people who use even moderate to reserved backlinking strategies are finding themselves in the sandbox and those who push the limits are even being de-indexed with a lot more regularity. My theory here deviates slightly from the "blast your competition with backlinks and get them de-indexed" theory that has been bantered ad-finitum on this forum, as this is probably more targeted and a little more dirty.

Step One: Identify your targets on page one of SERP

This can be done when doing initial keyword research or in hindsight if you currently have a niche you are trying to rank in.

My theory is that the potential targets for this method will need to be websites that have not yet built history and trust with Google. When doing competition analysis I always look for 'holes' in page one of the SERPS anyway, to make sure I can potentially take that place. If you have competitors with high backlinks and more importantly high domain age, I hypothesise that this method will only work to your detriment if you try it on such sites. An old page (or even a new page) on an old domain already has established history and trust with Google, and any page that is currently ranking with a decent number of backlinks no matter how low their PR/Domain Age etc. have probably already taken a punishment at some stage and are now back in Google's trust books so this method could go either way. Using this method on any of your 'authority' competitors will only cement their place on page one and potentially block you out of the market.

The sites we are interested in 'picking off' here are the newbies. These sites will have a domain age of less than a year or if using Market Samurai, the DA field will be [ - ]. These sites have not yet proven themselves to Google as an authority for your keyword. This method will most likely work for some older sites, but testing must be rigorous, as per step 2 below.

The next thing we want to look for is the PR of their page and then the PR of the top level domain. Ideally your competitor will not yet have any PR, but I would assume that a PR of 1-2 on the ranking page and no more than a PR of 3 on the domain should qualify as a potential target.

Step Two: Assessing Current Backlinks

In this step we want to establish our target's quality of backlinks and 'criminal history' of link building. As I said earlier, if you come across a site that is under a year old that has a ton of backlinks, you can probably assume that they either have already had a punishment previously for this, got very lucky or are consistently building backlinks. On the other hand, you may find your competitor has a very small number of backlinks, but they could also be very targeted, high quality, high PR links.

The first thing we will do here is have a look at our competitors link building history. A simple search on their domain name, using Google's filter of "past 24 hours", "past month" and "past year" should show you how consistently their link building efforts have been and what new backlinks have recently been indexed. If they average out to being quite consistent in their link building, this method may not work. If they have a lot of backlinks but none have appeared recently, then I would say they have probably been punished before and could be liable for another one as a repeat offender. This test is also good if you have targeted an older domain (~2yrs), to find out if they have had no activity in a long time. An older 'dormant' site would not suddenly generate a ton of backlinks out of the blue with no content change, so they are probably in for a slapping if they do.

The next thing we will do is open up backlinkwatch dot com and run a quick test on their current page links. Have a look at the anchor text of the **************** links and see if it has been mixed up or is mainly just your keyword appearing. Have a look at the sites that these links are coming from. If they are relevant, natural high PR links, then this site is has been rewarded with their spot on page one and our character attack may fly in our faces - but if their domain age is less than a year, my current thinking is they will still be punished. If their backlinks are coming from spammy looking pages with lots of OBL, then a repeat offence may give them another penal sentence in the sandbox, even a de-indexing.

Step Three: Blast them with 'dirt'

This step serves to completely discredit your competitors site in the eyes of Google, by not just making them behave unnaturally, but also making them appear as the bottom rung crack whores of internet society.

Spam Time.

We have now qualified our target and it is time for the attack. There are two ways to do this effectively in my opinion. The first way is the manual way. It will be as time consuming as building your own backlinks but a lot more entertaining.

Wear Protection. (I wasn't going to add this part in as it deviates slightly from the 'parody' intent of this method, but if anyone is evil enough to actually try this, for goodness sakes, don't set yourself up for a law suit).

You will want to use a proxy for this part and make sure you are not signed in to any Google services. (If your target notifies any cooperative webmasters, a simple search through their logs will identify your IP - keep it safeguarded).

We will use standard backlink search techniques to identify the most horribly spammed up **************** blog comment pages and use Google search operators to find ones with words like "buy viagra", "acai berry" and some smutty adult keywords. There is no limit to how crazy you can go with this, but a rough guesstimate from my experience with my own sites being sandboxed during tests is that 20 -30 backlinks a week for 2 weeks will do it. Be sure to use *only* your keyword as anchor text and ping each backlink immediately using Pingler, so that the links appear immediately and do not at all look natural to the Big G. Completely halt from any further backlinking and wait for them to drop off page one.

The alternative method, if you have this resource available to you is a nice big Xrumer blast, again using your main keyword as anchor text and the words "Acai Berry Supplies" and "Cheap Viagra" as surrounding text in the post.

If you do find your competitor popping up again in the SERPS after a few months, simply rinse and repeat this method and (all things going to plan) you will never see their site appear again.

Remember, you must do the complete opposite with your website of course, as your site is now the goodie two shoes in the eyes of the G.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Checking Search Engine Position Tools

Someone has ask us in forum about how to check our position in search engine

hey all.
what if i want to check my search engine position. (postition for spacific keyword)

there are several tools when i Google them. but most of them are not accurate. most of them are searching just for some time. there are restrictions n captcha errors in many tools.
What is ure fav tool.

i remember there was a Google command through which my friends used to check. if anybody knows exact thing please write down.

The Answer Is :



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PRspider Free Download

I'm find this tiny tool to check PR and alexa. Put your url's int text file one per line
And load it into program with load file hit check and that's all. Gives you current url pagerank and alexa rank. Export result's to text fie if you wish.
There is no proxy support so your not probably able to check more that 1000 urls at once before Google calms you down after few hour's your able to check again.

OS - Win XP, Win Vista, Win7
Net Framework 2.0 +
Visual C++ 2008

Download :


Site Crawling Tool

Someone ask


What is the best and hopefully FREE tool available that can CRAWL my sitemap and PING every individual page?

Am i right i thinking this would get more of my pages Indexed and possibly found?
Just go here and extract your URL's then ping them here


Rank High In Google In Under 15 Minutes

Method Explained From my previous thread..

In this thread I will explain how I rank high in google within a matter of minutes. I will not go step by step and tell you how to create an account because if you’re a newbie and don’t know how to create an account then you shouldn’t be reading this thread because most likely you wont know how to implement this method anyways.

This method can work great but I have not tested it enough to see how long my pages rank for but they seem to be good as of now but I havnt have any pages up for more than a day.

This method will work great with google trends and a blogger with come CPA’s… be creative. The point is, I ranked on the first page at #7 within 15 minutes and over 2 million SERPS on the top volcanic google trends search.

Write a complete unique article with a high keyword density in a Microsoft word document. Do some keyword research if necessary, or just use google trends given related searches as your main keywords. Use these thick throughout the document.
I don’t know the details why this is important, I just know that it works. Add any links to a blog or clickbank product and submit to After submitted, make sure you fill in the description, tags, and all of the information until you get a medium to high findability score. (you will know what I mean when you upload.)

After it is uploaded, share it and post the link to Digg and Those are the only 2 I have used and using those two and a short 1 paragraph article got me ranked number 7 with over 2 mil. SERPS

Anyways this method is still in testing but I have consistently gotten ranked in the first and second page every time. Please tweak and make this method better and share your results because I have shared my findings with you.

That’s about all guys good luck!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Duplicate Content Checker

UN.CO.VER protects your articles from content theft and copyright infringement. It also helps avoid duplicate content and the negative impact it can have on your SEO and page rank.
The desktop tool checks your text against millions of Web sites for duplicate content at the touch of a button. The results, which are shown by the percentage of words that match your article, can easily be exported.
UN.CO.VER can be used for a wide variety of sources

  • a single URL
  • manually-entered text (copy & paste)
  • an entire Web site, including domains and sub-domains
Check an entire Web project for duplicates automatically!
Our Unique Content Verifier has an integrated "crawl" function that creates a sitemap of your entire Internet project and its written contents. Then UN.CO.VER automatically compares each of these texts to millions of pages and reports back with a host of data, including the percentage of words copied and the exact words copied. The current version's autostart function offers you complete protection without lifting a finger. When Windows starts, so does UN.COV.ER, ensuring that your content is checked for duplicates every single day.
Oh, did we mention the best part of it all? UN.COV.ER is freeware and can be used and distributed as much as you like.
Version 2.0 Advantages::
  • Set your own standards on duplicates
  • Autostart-Manager for constant project proofing
  • Windows 7 Compatible
This is a direct download from a reputable site :

Download link



Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stat Blaster 7.0

StatBlaster is a simple utility that logs your site onto statistics/whois websites, generating backlinks along the way. To use StatBlaster, simply place your links (one per line, marked with [URL] for the position of your website address) in a text file named urls.txt in the same folder as the program. You can start blasting by entering your website address (without "http://") in the text box, then going to File -> Start.

StatBlaster is a free utility that logs your site onto statistics/whois websites, generating backlinks along the way. To use StatBlaster:

  1. Add or import the addresses of the websites you want to promote into the "Your Websites" list.
  2. In the "Statistics Websites" box, enter the location of the file that contains the list of statistics websites you want to blast to. The websites should be separated by line and marked with [URL] for the location of your domain.
  3. Select the maximum number of threads you want to use. More threads can speed up site submission, but can also overwhelm less powerful computers.
  4. Click "Start".
If you are runnning Wine on Mac, Linux, or another Unix-like system, select "Wine Compatibility Mode" through the Options menu before starting.

The downloads section also includes a list of 3,477 already prepared URLs.

This version (7) of Statsblaster is infinitely faster than the original (1.0) which was the original post. It allows for hundreds of simultaneous connections (depending on your memory) and also provides an url list with 32,000 (!) target sites. As well, clear instructions appear in a message screen when the program first starts.

HTML Code:


Friday, January 1, 2010

RSS Xploiter 2.4

RSS Xploiter 2.4- Using spam blogs the smart way

  1. Can generate you 1,000's of backlinks over time, using a proven method
  2. Downloads popular titles from ping websites, you can easily get 300,000 titles in one run.
  3. Generate RSS .91 valid output files, with as many posts per file as you would like (100 is recommended)
  4. Uploads the RSS feeds to your server
  5. Custom posts
  6. Target specific keywords
  7. Fully automated, start with windows and runs in the background. Truly, set it and forget it
  8. Has the potential to gain you thousands of backlinks, with your keywords included in the anchor text
  9. Delete all adult titles automatically to ensure your sites TrustRank isn't hurt
  10. Delete non-english characters like ¤,È,ˆ,ž, etc automatically
  11. Pings six popular sites Spam blogs use, Technorati, Google Blogs, Feed Burner, Yahoo, IceRocket, and BlogDigger
  12. Randomly alternates blog posts, so all the posts aren't the same
  13. Add a keyword/keyphrase to the end of each title, so your keyword is in the anchor text
  14. Generates hundreds of large feeds in seconds
  15. Multi-Threaded, so the interface doesn't freeze up during big operations
  16. Simple to use
  17. A bargain for what it does.
  18. Notifies you whether or not each ping was a success or failure
Get it for free


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