Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Google Ranking cannot come from Cheating

The previous paragraph, let me do a website to promote the client has done, the need to let me put my article on the deletion of the contents of his, and finally asked the reason, I almost fainted. He thought that the Google ranking is a method of cheating in network marketing. In the recent period, as in all Chinese search engine, type “google ranking”, I an inside page of the website appear in search results after the first day, asked related services to more and more people in these friends in, there are still many people think that Google ranking means the need to cheat. In fact, this is a wrong key, and here I explain in detail and Google ranking.

The origin of Google ranking services

In the network marketing, search engine ranking is a very important and effective method. Because it can be to a great website traffic, and these flows are relatively high-quality traffic. Therefore, in a foreign country, before the beginning of the Internet soon will have a fever of such services, and also produced a number of sites related to optimization, search engine ranking software. At the same time, Google’s rapid development so that the top Google rankings in search engines account for an increasingly important position.

Home about Google rankings only last year, the beginning, because the market had not been aware that the prices are very low. But from the beginning of this year, the service started up in China. So many network marketing scholars began to study Google, many enterprises began to provide such services. However, because Google’s algorithm has been a secret, and changing, so currently can provide the service with regular personal studio company. Probably only dozens.

Google ranking techniques to introduce policy

At present, both at home and abroad in the study of SEO ranking factors Google is said to have more than 300 kinds. But to grasp the most basic of which is nothing but a few. At present, as long as you can for your site to do a good job in the following areas, then ranked in Google’s ranking should be taken for granted. Include:

1. Content to do a good job. This is the premise of natural attractive content, be able to retain people, popular Well, of course, concerned about the search engine you.

2. Good site structure optimization. Web site structure should be optimized so that Google and other search engines easily search on OK. Details on the details later.

3. A good page optimization. Page optimization, including optimizing the page layout, page layout language processing, image optimization, etc., more details, Web site optimization is not a panacea, it is just to make your pages easier to just let Google search. General and can not be optimized through the web site can be the key word so that any Google search results in front of. For example: A sale of cosmetics, no matter how the site can not be optimized in Google type “movies” of the search results in front of the word. Therefore, cheating is not a means of optimizing web pages, Google ranking is not to optimize a single page.

4. Tags Optimization. It is easier to help search engines understand your web pages, search engines now is not so simple before, or frankly well. To design more reasonable, there are some skills.

5. External links. More than the establishment of an external connection to the Google ranking more effective. If you are able to establish in a short time a number of external connections, only show you the Link to do a good strategy, it is not cheating. Link But how to do so more effectively, and this is the issue of a number of techniques. Of course, cheating is not the same.

6. PR value. It is a cumulative process.

7. Flow. As we all know, traffic on the Google ranking is very important, if the site in the period to the rapid growth of traffic, very helpful on the Google rankings, but what does Google rank? Or for traffic, so traffic on the cheating is not so easy.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Google ranking is not depend on 1 webpage optimize only

GOOGLE, many of my friends talk about rankings, always thought that it is a single tab page optimization, in fact, this view is wrong.

I do GOOGLE ranking services, to do the work of the following steps:

Step One: Site Diagnostics, including:
Diagnosis of site structure: to see the suitability of the search engine used to;
Web page diagnosis: to see whether the rational layout and handle it properly;
Site File Name diagnostic: to see whether the file name of the irrational;
Web site marketing based on the diagnosis: look at its current use and promotion of the network is reasonable.

Step Two: website based on traffic analysis:
Installation of traffic statistics
Sec flow analysis,
Analysis of geographical distribution,

Step Three: Web site optimization:
Website structural optimization: the rationalization of the structure of your website to suit search engine habits
Web Page Optimization: Key layout, graphic processing.
Web site optimization to connect: to connect so that the overall systematic Web site, on the one hand contribute to the search engine search, combined with user habits on the one hand, and guide users to view the content of sites to facilitate the final transaction of business.
Site Tags Optimization: Website Tags design, optimization.
The fourth step: GOOGLE ranking other strategies:
Manufacturing flow: GOOGLE rankings or traffic key ah, this process we will use many methods of network marketing.

To create external connections: The Link, article promotion, posting a variety of ways to increase publicity and so on where to connect an external site.
Other … …

GOOGLE Web site to re-do a good ranking, we should first do their own good, to promote good, to achieve better rankings. Therefore, GOOGLE the site to stand on top of an integrated marketing point of view, and then do it. In order to achieve the desired effect.
If you rely on a single tag optimization, as well as the means to achieve GOOGLE ranking cheating test results, it is very childish ridiculous.

After all, GOOGLE, or in order to promote the Web site ranking. In that case, a comprehensive Web site to promote good, you can get a better google ranking is a reasonable thing.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Titles for SEO

Just to make sure, titles are the content in between the and tags and they appear in the blue bar at the top of your browser window. They are also the text in the links that appear in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP's). So needless to say that titles are very important in SEO. They are in fact the first thing a visitor sees, even before visiting your website.

Just having your company name in the titles of all the pages is not a good thing. Just think of it, how often do you find results in Google that show just the company name? Hardly ever, that's right!

So the question arises: "What to put in the title tags of my website?"

A strange as it may seem, it's actually very important to really think about what to put in the title tags of every individual page in your website. This is not something to think lightly about. If you do this right, you can gain a lot of new business.

Here are some simple rules to follow when writing titles for your pages:

  • Every page has to have a unique title
  • The title needs to be descriptive of the content of the page in a very literal sense
  • Try to keep titles relatively short, no more than 80 characters. Ideally around 60
  • Titles need to be attractive to visitors

Many SEO consultants will tell you to put keywords in the title, and although that's 100% correct, I don't want to say it like that. Thinking in terms of keywords has the risk you forget about your visitors and end up creating keyword filled pages without much coherence.

Make sure that the title is attractive. This means it needs to attend the most likely need of a visitor interested in that page. For example, in stead of just writing "Automatic garage doors", go for something like: "Automatic Garage Doors – Convenient and Safe".

Notice the capitalization of the first letter of each word and the added "feel good" text. (The "feel good" text also needs to be attended in content of your page of course.)

Very important, every page has to have a unique title. Don't be lazy on this! Success in SEO starts with Titles and it's a real sales tool.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Black Hat Web Spamming

When looking to build traffic one the best methods are to get to the top of the search engines. Since everyone knows this there are many different people trying to get to the top of them. With this there are people trying to be able to quicken the pace. This is because to do it “naturally” it takes months and months and that is for even some of the smaller niches in the world. When looking at the more popular niches such as weight loss it can be almost impossible to ever get your site to the front page of Google. This means you cannot have a chance to ever make any money in weight loss if you are relying on Google or Yahoo for traffic related to weight loss.

Of course people are not going to accept this as an answer so there are many that keep looking for techniques to quicken the process to get to the top of these search engines. These people are called Black Hat SEO players by people who have taken the long road. Whatever you want to call them they are collecting much bigger checks each month than many who decided the long run is best.

One of the ways that these people get their sites to the top of the search engines is through web spamming. What is web spamming you ask? Web spamming is when you created many pages that are rich in keywords to quickly boost your sites in the search engines. These sites will range from pages in the hundreds to the thousands that are full of keywords. This can be done with automated software that can spin these pages various ways to make this process much quicker. This is much easier than writing many pages of content yourself. Easier and done in much less time than anyone could ever write that much content.

Now since these sites are automated they are not going to be able to make pages that are great for many to read and the search engines will eventually come and look to see that they are automated. When this happens the site gets penalized and becomes almost useless to the owner.

Nobody knows how long it is going to take for one of these sites to get recognized as spam. Sometime they can last months and other time just weeks. It is just luck of the draw. Because Black Hat web masters know this is going to happen they never use these sites to make money on directly. These sites are used to build up their search engine friendly sites by providing good back links to boost them up the search engines. These Black Hat webmasters will have multiple sites like this pointing to their web site helping it jump up the search engine quicker. This allows their site that actually makes the money not to get penalized. Also once one does get knocked off they can easily get another domain and build another site.


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