Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Google Ranking cannot come from Cheating

The previous paragraph, let me do a website to promote the client has done, the need to let me put my article on the deletion of the contents of his, and finally asked the reason, I almost fainted. He thought that the Google ranking is a method of cheating in network marketing. In the recent period, as in all Chinese search engine, type “google ranking”, I an inside page of the website appear in search results after the first day, asked related services to more and more people in these friends in, there are still many people think that Google ranking means the need to cheat. In fact, this is a wrong key, and here I explain in detail and Google ranking.

The origin of Google ranking services

In the network marketing, search engine ranking is a very important and effective method. Because it can be to a great website traffic, and these flows are relatively high-quality traffic. Therefore, in a foreign country, before the beginning of the Internet soon will have a fever of such services, and also produced a number of sites related to optimization, search engine ranking software. At the same time, Google’s rapid development so that the top Google rankings in search engines account for an increasingly important position.

Home about Google rankings only last year, the beginning, because the market had not been aware that the prices are very low. But from the beginning of this year, the service started up in China. So many network marketing scholars began to study Google, many enterprises began to provide such services. However, because Google’s algorithm has been a secret, and changing, so currently can provide the service with regular personal studio company. Probably only dozens.

Google ranking techniques to introduce policy

At present, both at home and abroad in the study of SEO ranking factors Google is said to have more than 300 kinds. But to grasp the most basic of which is nothing but a few. At present, as long as you can for your site to do a good job in the following areas, then ranked in Google’s ranking should be taken for granted. Include:

1. Content to do a good job. This is the premise of natural attractive content, be able to retain people, popular Well, of course, concerned about the search engine you.

2. Good site structure optimization. Web site structure should be optimized so that Google and other search engines easily search on OK. Details on the details later.

3. A good page optimization. Page optimization, including optimizing the page layout, page layout language processing, image optimization, etc., more details, Web site optimization is not a panacea, it is just to make your pages easier to just let Google search. General and can not be optimized through the web site can be the key word so that any Google search results in front of. For example: A sale of cosmetics, no matter how the site can not be optimized in Google type “movies” of the search results in front of the word. Therefore, cheating is not a means of optimizing web pages, Google ranking is not to optimize a single page.

4. Tags Optimization. It is easier to help search engines understand your web pages, search engines now is not so simple before, or frankly well. To design more reasonable, there are some skills.

5. External links. More than the establishment of an external connection to the Google ranking more effective. If you are able to establish in a short time a number of external connections, only show you the Link to do a good strategy, it is not cheating. Link But how to do so more effectively, and this is the issue of a number of techniques. Of course, cheating is not the same.

6. PR value. It is a cumulative process.

7. Flow. As we all know, traffic on the Google ranking is very important, if the site in the period to the rapid growth of traffic, very helpful on the Google rankings, but what does Google rank? Or for traffic, so traffic on the cheating is not so easy.


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