Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Black Hat Web Spamming

When looking to build traffic one the best methods are to get to the top of the search engines. Since everyone knows this there are many different people trying to get to the top of them. With this there are people trying to be able to quicken the pace. This is because to do it “naturally” it takes months and months and that is for even some of the smaller niches in the world. When looking at the more popular niches such as weight loss it can be almost impossible to ever get your site to the front page of Google. This means you cannot have a chance to ever make any money in weight loss if you are relying on Google or Yahoo for traffic related to weight loss.

Of course people are not going to accept this as an answer so there are many that keep looking for techniques to quicken the process to get to the top of these search engines. These people are called Black Hat SEO players by people who have taken the long road. Whatever you want to call them they are collecting much bigger checks each month than many who decided the long run is best.

One of the ways that these people get their sites to the top of the search engines is through web spamming. What is web spamming you ask? Web spamming is when you created many pages that are rich in keywords to quickly boost your sites in the search engines. These sites will range from pages in the hundreds to the thousands that are full of keywords. This can be done with automated software that can spin these pages various ways to make this process much quicker. This is much easier than writing many pages of content yourself. Easier and done in much less time than anyone could ever write that much content.

Now since these sites are automated they are not going to be able to make pages that are great for many to read and the search engines will eventually come and look to see that they are automated. When this happens the site gets penalized and becomes almost useless to the owner.

Nobody knows how long it is going to take for one of these sites to get recognized as spam. Sometime they can last months and other time just weeks. It is just luck of the draw. Because Black Hat web masters know this is going to happen they never use these sites to make money on directly. These sites are used to build up their search engine friendly sites by providing good back links to boost them up the search engines. These Black Hat webmasters will have multiple sites like this pointing to their web site helping it jump up the search engine quicker. This allows their site that actually makes the money not to get penalized. Also once one does get knocked off they can easily get another domain and build another site.


Ruby September 11, 2009 at 3:02 AM  

what a great post! hopefully i can get to master how to do this thingy :D

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i enjoy with this blog

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