Friday, January 1, 2010

RSS Xploiter 2.4

RSS Xploiter 2.4- Using spam blogs the smart way

  1. Can generate you 1,000's of backlinks over time, using a proven method
  2. Downloads popular titles from ping websites, you can easily get 300,000 titles in one run.
  3. Generate RSS .91 valid output files, with as many posts per file as you would like (100 is recommended)
  4. Uploads the RSS feeds to your server
  5. Custom posts
  6. Target specific keywords
  7. Fully automated, start with windows and runs in the background. Truly, set it and forget it
  8. Has the potential to gain you thousands of backlinks, with your keywords included in the anchor text
  9. Delete all adult titles automatically to ensure your sites TrustRank isn't hurt
  10. Delete non-english characters like ¤,È,ˆ,ž, etc automatically
  11. Pings six popular sites Spam blogs use, Technorati, Google Blogs, Feed Burner, Yahoo, IceRocket, and BlogDigger
  12. Randomly alternates blog posts, so all the posts aren't the same
  13. Add a keyword/keyphrase to the end of each title, so your keyword is in the anchor text
  14. Generates hundreds of large feeds in seconds
  15. Multi-Threaded, so the interface doesn't freeze up during big operations
  16. Simple to use
  17. A bargain for what it does.
  18. Notifies you whether or not each ping was a success or failure
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