Saturday, June 20, 2009

Backlink Building - Is Article Writing Really Important For Backlink Building?

Believe it or not but backlink building is a program that you need to stick with in order to continue getting search engine optimization (SEO) by the search engines.

I'm pretty new to Affiliate Marketing but I've learned a lot about building quality and relevant backlinks. I've been getting OK traffic from my backlink building program and I wanted to test what would happen if I just stopped my backlink building.

I was amazed at what happened! It's really true what everyone says about how important backlink building is. I could plainly see what the affects where from the lack of fresh backlink building and how it was affecting my SEO. My SEO was going down the drain and fast! My traffic went to almost zero per day within a matter of just a few weeks.

So I suppose you could say that my test on the lack of backlink building has been a great success. I could physically see my traffic go from OK to just about zero in about three weeks.

There are a few things that are very clear to me now. They are

* Backlink building is a must for steady traffic
* Articles are very important when it comes to backlink building
* Quality relevant and relate articles are very important for SEO
* Commenting on relevant forums is necessary for backlink building
* Weekly if not daily fresh content is necessary for backlink building and SEO
* For highly effective backlink building, keyword research is very important

In my research I've come to understand that as I work on my backlink building that the quality of my article material isn't the only thing that is important but also where I publish it. If the article is of good quality, the article will be located on article directories AND on niche websites. The search engines love that and will increase my SEO.

I've learned that for search engine ranking I need to publish my articles with sites where other publishers look for quality articles to use in their own material. The search engines will rank the backlinks in these articles higher than they would when publishing with a less reputable publisher.

I hope what I have learned will also be of benefit to you. For continuous traffic to your Website stick with your backlink building program whatever it is that you may be doing. As I've learned, fresh, quality, relevant, and related material is a huge key when backlink building.

by kbhuffaker


Monday, June 15, 2009

SEO Do's and Don'ts Which Need to Be Considered by Richard Nicholson

When it comes to SEO, the easy rule of thumb is that content matters. Google, Yahoo and other search engines base their query results on website content. If there is no relevant content, high rankings are elusive. In addition, it's always good to be on top! Put your most appropriate keywords and search terms in the title, descriptions, and first few lines of your website text and content. Though, Google will penalize your website if you overload it with inappropriate keywords and hidden search terms. Also, search engine is a perfectionist about the rules. They make the rules and if you wish to enhance search engine rankings then must play by them. Here are some important guidelines:

SEO Do's

1) Make your website simple to navigate. Have an SEO plan for your web page hierarchy and ensure your links are clearly defined. 2) Form a site map so to insure fast and accurate indexing of your website's pages. 3) Come up with important and accurate keywords. Use them as link anchor text. If you have a blog as well then use them as the category titles and in your separate post titles. 4) Ensure that plain text image tags use your appropriate keywords as well. Search engines only index plain text and not keywords or text embedded in image files. 5) You should not have any broken links. 6) HTML tags should be accurate. 7) The "robots.txt" file should be regularly updated and exact and not block the Google Crawler Bot.

SEO Don'ts

1) Don't put irrelevant content on you website in order to enhance search engine rankings. It will do the opposite. All keywords and content must be relevant and add importance to the search. 2) Avoid tricks and "link schemes" designed to enhance rankings on the search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. They really don't work and lots of them are just a way for someone else to make money. 3) Don't include "hidden text and links". 4) Don't send automated queries. Websites should be manually submitted to search engines for the best possible results.

If you wish to enhance ranking on the search engines then with these simple guidelines you can just go ahead. SEO is not an exact science and the rules are continuously changing. Though, do's and don'ts given above will never change. There are thousands of companies which are providing effective and accurate SEO services that befit your website.

Search Engine Rankings is one such company dedicated to provide effective and suitable SEO services to increase ranking of your website. If you are looking for SEO services then contact search engine ranking for your SEO services need.
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Google PageRank Checker 1.0 *Freeware*

Google PageRank Checker is a software that checks Google pagerank of one Web site or many Web sites. It will automatically access many Google search engine data center to query pagerank, Embed in many Google data center IP addresses. Don't need to install Google toolbar. Google PageRank Checker is a simple search engine marketing tool that helps you monitor and check your Web site and your competitor's Web site pagerank change.

Size: 332KB
System Requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server


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