Sunday, November 15, 2009

Keyword Combination of Secrets of Search Engine Optimization

Let's say you have a keyword combination. Anytime a person does a search on that keyword combination you want your website to pop up in the number one position. Here are steps that will help.
  • Place the keyword combination in your keyword metatag.
  • Place the keyword combination in your description metatag.
  • Next place the keywords in your title.
  • Place that exact string "secrets of search engine optimization" in the first paragraph of your page and make that string BOLD
  • Use that keyword combination again in the next paragraph. At least once.
  • You can skip a paragraph, but use it again once in the next two paragraphs.
  • Place an image on your page. The keywords should be in the alt tag.
  • Put some text referring to the image beside, above or below the image using the keyword.
  • After the image add at least 2 more paragraphs. Use your perfect keywords once in each paragraph.
  • In the last paragraph italicize the keywords.
  • Sprinkle headlines throughout the article with relevant keywords
  • Make sure the keywords are relevant to the scope of the article.
We follow this formula because of how the search engines look at your page. Most SEO experts say that metatags aren't used by the search engines anymore. But it takes nothing to add your keyword to the metatags. There might be some old style search engines still using the metatags. Don't miss the opportunity.


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