Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Analysis of Websites Tool

Hey all,

This was a project that I worked on sometime back.

Demo here:

You could enter any website that you want and enter a keyword along with it, and it produces a series SEO based results. I did this script as an integration of existing scripts on the market, but I had to do a lot modifications so it works nice. Also, I have followed OOPS in PHP5 so the code looks pretty as well.

I have also added a save to DB feature, in case you want to store it for future reference. Please note that not all of the tests work on every website due to certain limitations on the particular website. ( Note: there is no admin panel or something of that sort.. If there is enough demand, I'll add the feature so you can control the site better )

I have attached the rapidshare link to downloading this script, and if you need any support installing/modding/changing this script on your server, I can do it for a small fee.

Let me know how it is so I can improve on this and also please provide any suggestions that you may have for this script.

Download Here :

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